Malden Jumpstart Service

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At Malden Towing Company, we specialize in providing a trustworthy and efficient jumpstart service throughout Massachusetts. Our expert drivers possess an extensive understanding of the charging systems for all types of cars—new models and antiques alike. By using our knowledgeable professionals, you can experience a rapid solution to your dead battery trouble at any spot in Middlesex County.

Here in Middlesex County, we adhere to a policy of fairness and transparency in our pricing. We understand the importance of delivering quality service at an affordable cost and have earned ourselves a stellar reputation because of it. If ever you find your vehicle needs a jumpstart service in Malden, feel free to reach out for help—experience why others vouched for us firsthand. Call us at (781) 243-5665!

Knowing When Your Battery Is Weak

The stress of a car battery that’s malfunctioning or on its last legs is no fun for any driver. Thankfully, there are several tell-tale signs you can look out for which will let you know it’s time to head into the shop and get your old battery swapped out or repaired. Here are some typical warning indicators:

  • If your engine cranks slowly on start-up or gives off an anemic grrrr-rrr-rrr, chances are you have a weak battery.
  • Or maybe your engine won’t crank at all but only clicks; a dead battery.
  • Your headlights or dash lights will get progressively dimmer as the battery loses more and more of its charge.

A weak battery may also reduce engine power or trigger a battery warning light on the dashboard.

If you notice any signs of trouble with your car battery, don’t wait to get the help of a professional. Our drivers can not only jumpstart your vehicle but also pinpoint why it failed in the first place by using a multimeter and assessing its charging system. We will then be able to outline what repairs may be needed for your motorcar and offer expert advice accordingly.

Here We Come To Save The Day (Or Night!)

If you need roadside assistance in Middlesex County, Malden Towing Company is your go-to. From jumpstarting a car to giving it a tow for repairs or simply getting you home—we gotcha covered! Our team of carefully selected and experienced operators transport cars, SUVs,, and light-duty trucks with utmost safety and efficiency. Relax knowing that Malden Towing has all your transportation needs taken care of.

With over a decade of experience in tow, we have the expertise and equipment to haul anything from luxury vehicles to trailers. Our fleet ranges from light-duty flatbeds to heavy-duty pieces like wreckers, jacks, dollies, and winches along with specialized air cushions for efficient transport. In case you find yourself stranded on the roadside due to car troubles or low fuel—fear not! We offer emergency services such as tire replacements and immediate refueling delivery when necessary.

Jumpstarts Get You Moving Again

Don’t resort to calling your friends in the wee small hours of the morning for a jumpstart. Frank Sinatra would not approve. Instead, let us be your stranger in the night. We are available 24/7 and we guarantee that you’ll never have to worry about ending a precious relationship by asking an inconvenient favor. Let us take care of all your jumpstarting needs—with ease and efficiency.

Our team consists of friendly, motivated individuals who are committed to getting your vehicle where it needs to go quickly and safely. With our 24/7 roadside assistance service, you can be confident that your car is in the best possible hands.  We also offer other services, including cheap towing, truck towing, motorcycle towing, and more!

We firmly believe that your safety should be our foremost priority and thus, we promise to take all the necessary precautions while providing you with reliable service. Rest assured, whenever you place your trust in us for a journey, we won’t let you down—no matter what. Dial (781) 243-5665 now!

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